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The WiseNav Team has six team groups that offer a wide variety of ways for individuals and organizations to participate in the available rewards. A single individual or organization can be a member of more than one team group.

WiseNav Affiliate and Distributor Network offer WiseNav to individual personal, organizational and business website owners. We offer a generous revenue sharing compensation plan that rewards customer creation, customer retention and team building results.

WiseNav Customers can participate in our website monetization program by offering their custom site design structure as a template for use by other customers or by hosting ads or other sales related materials on their sites.

WiseNav Capital Program Members earn dividends based on annual earnings and from appreciation in the value of their membership shares.

WiseNav Hosting Service Partners provide hosting services for WiseNav customers. WiseNav has been designed to be delivered by Hosting Providers who are interested in the end-user website market. The WiseNav Web 2.0 service is packaged for reliable and cost effective implementation. It includes comprehensive management, automated updating and control panel integration features. We offer an attractive, no risk revenue sharing plan.

WiseNav Content Partners - such as Image, Photo and other rich media libraries. We offer their content to all WiseNav users.

WiseNav Technology Partners - such as Control Panels, ISV and hardware companies.


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