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WiseNav WebWorld Summary

WebWorld Vision

Life and the webworld are trending in tandem in the direction of bigger, better, faster, easier and more personal. The pace of change is evident from the birth of the first website in August 1991 to today’s dynamic network of 150 million blogs, the daily sharing of 100 million pieces of FaceBook content and 294 billion emails. The face of change is visible in the transition from “Let your fingers do the walking” – in your phonebook, to point and click, or touch and navigate, your way to multimedia information - from your desktop, or while walking, or shopping with your mobile device.

The next wave of transformation is functional, inexpensive, multimedia, personal websites that are easy to create and use. Websites that respond effectively to the touch of your finger tips as you both create and later navigate your personal, multimedia creation. Your personal website is an integral part of the social fabric. Your site allows you to participate in a world where a self-defined, website-based, online identity is as critical a part of your life and social interaction as is your street address and social insurance number presently. You are part of a world where you have easy access to both the life information you need and the individuals who have mastery of that content – all at the tip of your fingers or in your shirt pocket.

So what is the missing link to transition from this vision to an established reality?

The Opportunity in Current WebWorld Issues

Electronic information has just entered the social arena with the birth of the Internet and even more recently Social Media. Functional, entertainment and social roles are now being merged into one cohesive online platform. Websites are the medium of exchange.

Presently the realm of website creation is primarily the domain of highly trained and in turn expensive programmers. The cost of participation in customized, multimedia, website ownership is beyond the budget of most individuals.

Social-media sites and community Blogging platforms offer access to the Internet on a restricted and conditional basis, in turn, limiting personal utility.

To reach the next level of personal interaction and functionality will require a new, more affordable, easy to use, website creation solution.

The Solution – Defining Opportunity

Over the last nine years we have developed and concept tested a startling new web service that will change the way people communicate and interact on the Internet.

The heart of the service is a true drag and drop website creation system, for PC use, that is built upon a unique mapping structure for touch screen use that can turn point and click to touch and slide. The service is based on a new tool that allows any Internet user to quickly, easily create and maintain appealing, functional, rich-media websites without the need for technical assistance. The sites people create are dynamic, interactive and multimedia - a combination of video, pictures, audio, animations and text.

WiseNav, the website creation tool, is a synergistic integration of available technology to enhance personal expression and communication ability on-line. Through WiseNav features, each personal website has the inherent potential of being a building block in the new multimedia, personal and social infrastructure. Using WiseNav enables the millions of Internet users to play the dominant role in structuring the web and its content - mimicking the evolution of personal computing.

From touch screen, to blogging and e-commerce, the features in WiseNav will have strong user appeal.

Our Commitment

As website technology and uses evolve we will be committed to support our part in the transformation of online communication and social media systems through endless innovation and customer driven enhancement.

WebWorld Market

The total Internet user market is over 1 billion today and is trending to exceed 2 billion in 2012 from a world population of 7 billion. Current, conservative, long-term market penetration targets for WiseNav are for over 30% of all Internet users. We conservatively see attaining 1.5 million users in 5 years with the potential for 50 million users distinctly possible.

For market reach and a planned growth rate, we plan to approach the user market directly. Natural referrals, Internet Marketing, incentives, affiliates, and network-marketing principles will be used to grow our customer base.

For the hosting service to support the WiseNav website platform we will partner with select hosting service providers.

WiseNav will initially serve North America followed by Britain and, eventually, supply every country as the service expands globally.

The WiseNav WebWorld Definitive Advantage

WiseNav is the genesis of a new web era - one where the power of website creation moves from technical specialists to the Internet user community.

WiseNav is one of the only solutions available for mass-market adoption as it is easy to use and supportive of both SEO and Rich Media.

WiseNav will be the Mass Market Website Format of choice for high-speed broadband users worldwide. High-speed adoption is growing - simultaneously enhancing the WiseNav market edge.

The WiseNav software platform has roots in touch screen functionality, which uniquely positions WiseNav ahead of the emerging Ipad computer and related mobile devices market. We will be the website technology of choice in this market. As this market assumes market share, and potential dominance in user hardware, we will grow and stabilize our share of the personal website market. The current Ipad market is 25 million users – and growing rapidly.

The Internet, and other communication technology, like G4 Mobile, is trending in the direction of more social interaction with no defined structure as yet. Personal websites have the potential to crystallize this trend and set a standard for a new way of doing things - making personal websites synonymous with social websites and social interaction. WiseNav is positioned to lead this transformation.

We expect high levels of user satisfaction, with strong face-to-face and social media referrals and in turn viral market exposure.

WiseNav Participation Options

Our innovative business model offers participation rewards to raving fans and customers, sales and marketing affiliates, network builders, and capital contribution members. Let us know what your role in WiseNav will be as we propel the evolution of online utility and interaction.

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